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Solo exhibition Walter Van Rooy @ Boab Art Gallery

  • Boab Art Gallery 152 Kloosterstraat Antwerpen, Vlaanderen, 2000 Belgium (map)

Walter Van Rooy, born in 1954 in Lille (Antwerp), has been fascinated by visual arts since his youth. After studying graphic arts, he followed painting at the academies of Ghent and Antwerp. In the late seventies he founded his own art gallery "Ruimte Z" and was one of the founders of the contemporary Antwerp art scene. 

In 1981 he received the Prize 'Perspektieven' (now Jeune Peinture Belge) for his work "Modern Times" for which he got his inspiration from a trip in the former Soviet Union. Recently he made a reinterpretation of this series.

Later he made a series of works called "Signs" and he exhibited at Zeno X in Antwerp.

His work is driven by experiment, doubt and coincidence. Often inspired by primitive and repetitive activities and situations. His more recent work is following more abstract naive thoughts and the spontaneous flow of the brush.

Walter Van Rooy has greatly contributed to the development of the Antwerp modern art scene. During many years he paused his artwork and eclipsed himself from it, as a reaction to the commercial and superficial tendencies at the times.

Luckily for the art lovers, he started to paint again several years ago, enriched with new live experiences and matured views on things. He was also convinced to share his artwork again with a greater public and accepted to exhibit his artwork in an art gallery.

The exhibition presents how Walter Van Rooy responds to the world today with his oeuvre.


All pieces are unique and fit the BOAB personality (Breathtaking - Oomph - Authentic - Beautiful)