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Moonlight Garden @Boab Art Gallery

  • 156 Kloosterstraat Antwerpen, Vlaanderen, 2000 Belgium (map)

Femininity is one of the oldest subjects in the history of art, the first image of our human is the female figurines: the oldest undisputed known artifact as a depiction of a human being, the Venus of Hohle Fels, was created at least 35,000 years ago; its voluminous body describes the essence of being female, which reflects the early human’s understanding and expectation of the world and themselves.

In ancient Greek mythology, Gaia is the primordial deity immediately after Chaos, and mother of all life. However, there are very few women artists in art history, which may be the fault of the social status and role of women in history. If men represent the power of conquest, a world of borders, this same world, however, in the eyes of women, is more tender and delicate, in which human and nature are full of connection and transformation possibilities.

BOAB Art Gallery's first major exhibition in 2019, Moonlight Garden, which invites three East and West women artists: Hong Wai,  Sonja Vereecken and Zhao Fei, is a perfect reflection of this emotional and spiritual world.

                                                                                                   Text by Hu Jiaxing


Exhibition: Friday 25 January - Saturday 2 March
Opening Hours: Friday - Sunday | 13:00 - 18:00, other days by appointment


Kloosterstraat 152 - 2000 Antwerp - Belgium