AR.M chooses Kloosterstraat for their flagship Store in Antwerp


We are thrilled to share with you the photos of our new Antwerp Flagship Store that opened its doors in the beginning of July. 

After 1,5 years of sharing a store + atelier space with our beloved friend Ophelia, the time came to offer to our customers a more holistic "on-brand" experience when shopping our designs. 

Being an architect my self, having a brick and mortar store allows me to better convey the values and inspiration behind AR.M through all senses.

My definition of beauty is highly inspired by my greek roots and I think that's part of why I am so drawn by symmetry and strong geometries in my jewelry designs. 

However, when it comes to spaces I feel equally drawn by imperfections, roughness and generally the natural process of things, aka wabi-sabi.

When I started designing the interior of our new store I wanted to find a balance in which these two different worlds; the world of "perfect" western beauty standards and the world of the eastern appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects, meet in a harmonious way.

But most importantly I wanted to create a space in which my team, our customers and I feel comfortable, calm and inspired. 

The interior is constructed by a few key elements; the rough cement textures in the floor and walls, the re-purposed wooden surfaces collected from old construction sites, the soft linen texture of our curtain and, last but not least, the beautiful vertigo light in the center of the space. 

All these casually form an harmonious union serving as a neutral background for our jewelry to shine upon.

 Looking forward to welcome you all :)

 Anna Rosa Moschouti

Kloosterstraat 51
2000 Antwerp

Wednesday - Sunday